Jul 23, 2013

Goodbye For Now

Hello my fellow warm fuzzy feelings, I'm here to say that I'm taking a couple months off from the computer. I'm unplugging. Taking a break from blogging, email, Facebook, & all that jazz.

I look forward to coming back with some fresh perspective & happy hands in the fall. My hands have been hurting as of late so I need to give them the rest they deserve. By putting the computer away for a while, I, unfortunately, won't be reading my fellow bloggers words in that time but keep up the great work, ladies! Sing your voice loud for all to hear.

Thank you to any & all that stop by my wary fuzzy space in the meantime. Feel free to poke around the years of words & photos that I've collected here.

Until next time...

Don't forget to have a great day on purpose!

PS- Thank you always to Mr. A & my mom for their incredible support & encouragement.