Jun 30, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

Alrighty, we had a house full of guests this past week & I was too busy cooking (& cleaning) to complete a coherent sentence. And I wanted my wits about me for this exciting post...

Last week, my buddy Melyssa from The Nectar Collective nominated me for a Liebster Award! My sweet proud-of-me Mr. A asked me each night as we laid down our heads for our evening laughs if I had answered Mel's questions yet... to which I slowly sighed a "No." That. ends. now! 

[JULY 5, 2013 UPDATE: Claire from DaisyBisley nominated me as well!! Check out my answers to her questions below!]

So, check it. This Liebster Award has some guidelines! As a nominee, I have to/would love to...
*Share 11 facts about myself.
*Answer my nominator's 11 questions for me
*Nominate 11 fellow bloggers that have less than 200 followers
*Pose 11 questions to those nominees to keep the ball rolling

Nifty, right? Let's do this thingee!

11 Facts 'Bout Myself:

1. My favorite fictional character is Fezzik from The Princess Bride. Anybody want a peanut??

2. I've got a celebrity crush on Jon Stewart. A witty tenderhearted handsome Jewish man, you ask? Yes! Lucky for me, I've got one of those at home.

3. I'm always down for a marathon. Dear Netflix Free One Week Trial, you think I can't catch up on the first four seasons of Parenthood in six evenings? Challenge accepted!! Mr. A's & my latest addiction? The show Flashpoint. Think SWAT-team-negotiators. The episodes begin at the flashpoint (shit hitting the fan moment) then rewind. We're eating it up like its a box of our favorite fruit snacks!

4. My first memory is looking down at my feet in the grass when I was 3.

5. I often have the attention span of a squirrel. Example, we're scoping out oranges when I suddenly remember I have a craving for a loaf of Italian bread so I beeline for the bread. Mr. A processes that I rambled about bread so he turns to find me ten feet short of the bread section huffing a container of coconut crunch donuts. I look up & ask "Bay, you want donuts??"

6. If there's an artificial Christmas tree for sale on Criagslist, I want to buy it. (This just happened three minutes ago. Really.)  I love Christmas, we've got the room (not really), they're a steal (yes, really!) so naturally, I want to buy them. In the long run, myself, our closets, & our bank account are thankful for Mr. A's vetoes.

7. I leave notes in books to make strangers smile.

8. If a restaurant has foie gras (duck's liver) on their menu I won't eat there. It's one of the ways I do my part to discourage animal cruelty. (Post on cruelty-free practices & products coming soon!)

9. This song makes Mr. A think of me. Surprised? Yeahhh, so was he when I played this song from his iPod every time we were in his car our first six months of dating. When I'm jamming out to dirty club music he sometimes looks over with a smile & asks, "Who are you??" I'm Fullofsurprises, that's who I am.

10. I'm an old soul. I feel that in one of my former lives I was a nurse in a war. For a project in school, we had to write poems from opposing viewpoints relating to the Vietnam War. I wrote from the eyes of a nurse & the soldier she was caring for but I couldn't get through it. I couldn't bear the pain so my mom thankfully formed sentences for me from my notes.

11. I canvas forested areas for bodies. Stay with me here. I can explain!

[Want to play some true or false?]

The Nectar Collective's 11 Questions For Me:

What's the best thing that happened to you this week? Two fantastical pieces of mail arrived this week. I saw my first international postmark when Melyssa from The Nectar Collective sent a postcard my way then the title to Pearl, my newly paid off car, sat on our kitchen counter as I stared at it in awe. Then it made its way to the dining room table where I admired it some more. Ever experienced that moment when you pay a loan in full? Gahhhh, it's a glorious exhale.

What's your favorite part about blogging? The people. The connections you may not have made otherwise. The voices you connect with, the beautiful things they say, their world that they open up for you to visit. Through blogging the world gets smaller every day & that's stupendous!

What is the best memory you have with one of your relatives? As of may know by now, my mom is my best friend so it's hard to pick just one championship moment. On my favorite birthday from my childhood (seen here, I'm second from the left, if you even have to guess), my mom raided her closet & make-up to treat us kiddos to a marvelous glam session. It's amazing what a sharp jacket, a fake mole & some teased hair will do for your spirit! And what gal doesn't like getting all dolled up & moseying up to an ice cream sundae bar?!

What three words do people describe you as most? 
Sweet, Scrappy, Generous

What three words do you hope people use to describe you at your funeral? 
She fed birds.

Without thinking about obstacles, what is the biggest dream you'd like to accomplish in in your life? Find my calling. Work with animals. Help my mom fix up the house. Ok, you said "one" but I gave options.

What would you do if you stepped in dog poo on the way to an important interview? I might cry. Or swear. Or look for grass to wipe it off on. Or look in my Mary Poppins purse & likely find something to help me. Or at least something to snack on as a distraction. (I'm thinking I should carry an extra pair of shoes in my trunk now.)

Why do you blog? As a creative outlet, as a time capsule, to find my voice, to show the world pretty pictures, to remind myself what good there is all around.

What five things make you extremely happy? Since we're going with 'things' & not people...the way Mr. A & I sleep, "I've Got You" by McFly, my mama's cooking, French fries & gravy, taking pictures

What is something you achieved this month or something you're proud of from June? This Liebster Award nom! an obvious answer, yes. But true.

What's your favorite quote? "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." -Isak Dinesen. I also adore this passage from Sheltering Sky, it really helps you cherish the moments, good or bad.

DaisyBisley's 11 Questions For Me:

What was your dream job when you were a kid? I wanted to be a large animal veterinarian. Then, in the third grade while working on a project about blank panthers, I discovered what "endangered species" meant. Then, I wanted to work with conservationists so every beautiful creature on the planet remained. A part of me still has this desire actually. Maybe I can get an in by photographing the animals? But snakes give me the freaking heebie jeebies so that might present an occupational problem.

What's the best blog post you've read this week?

What made you laugh most this week? On his day off, Mr. A & I spent five hours making each other laugh while piddlin' around & shopping at two local markets. You know you're in love when you can spend an afternoon giggling while grocery shopping We read labels on items at the international market & tried to guess what they meant, we went to the schmancy grocery store & hit up all the samples (& hit up & hit up & hit up the cheese samples. Then bought some because we didn't want to be moochers & it was scrumdidaliumptious.) as we shopped before we went home with our supplies to make homemade potstickers. Then proceeded to laugh at ourselves as we scorched the first ten.

Best YouTube vid you've found? HANDS DOWN, Disney Medley by UMass Amherst Doo Wop Shop!! You'll be a kid again. And you'll love it! That's not an assumption, it's a certainty. Go watch. I'll wait here. (Six degrees of YouTube separation over here!)

Who is your favorite Muppet? Beaker!! I feel a kinship with him being nerdy, accident-prone, & excellent at conveying emotions through sounds. Reminds me of just this morning when I whimpered while thinking about the beloved Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett being traded away from the Boston Celtics.

What is/was your favorite video game? When I was about 8 years old, my awesome mom picked out a SuperNintendo game for me called Zombies Ate My Neighbors where you had to saved your neighbors from zombies & I miss playing that old school game! I can still hear the music & sound effects in my head.

If you could spend the day with one famous/influential person from history who would it be? Man-o-man-o-witz, is this question a toughie! I would love to connect with my Native American heritage & spend the day with Sacagawea. But instead I choose to spend the day at Richie Havens' side as he goes on stage as Woodstock's opening act-turned-three hour set because other artists where stuck in traffic.

What one thing do you do to brighten your day? No pun intended but the moment I wake up I love opening all the blinds/windows, whether it's bright out or not. Then you'll find me drinking a chai tea latte (it tastes like Christmas in a cup) on my couch as Mr. A & I enjoy playing along with Let's Make A Deal on TV as often as we can. This is a great question! It has inspired me to add some more things to my daily routine to brighten my day.

What's your favorite word or phrase? My favorite words to say are farkle, indubitably, & bodega. My mama always tell me "it's all about the journey". Today I went on a craft store outing & found a cross-stitch pattern that says just that! You know I bought it & am going to start stitching tonight.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? I've actually given this some thought before so I'm ready with my answer! Sandra Bullock. She's endearing & isn't afraid to be silly. I like to think that captures my essence.

Do you collect anything? When I was younger, I collected frog everything! Shower curtain, knick knacks, stuffed animals, you name it, I think I had 80 at one time. Currently, I love gathering picture frames, books, & mugs! I believe we have more mugs than we do cups.

My [Alphabetical] Nominations:

(I would love love love to nominate 11 eligible bloggers but I'm afraid I don't know that many.)
Hope In High Heels
*The Nectar Collective whizzed by the 200 followers mark so let's make her an honorary nominee, shall we?

My 11 Questions For Them:

1.   What are ten things that gave you a warm fuzzy feeling?
2.   What book do you find yourself recommending a lot?
3.   What was the last random act of kindness you performed and/or received?
4.   If you could only travel to one more new place in your life, where would you go & why?
5.   Tell us three examples of how your parent(s) are wonderful.
6.   What is your favorite post on your blog?
7.   Would you rather be locked overnight in a grocery store, a library, or a department store?
8.   Do you have a favorite/sweet/absurd babysitting story?
9.   Give your 14 year old self some advice.
10.  If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the gates?
11.  What do you see in this inkblot?

Don't forget to have a great day on purpose!