Feb 25, 2012

Friday Flipbook: Week 24

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

This week in pictures...

Little strips of scotch tape & a splash of "Wined Up" nail color = A whimsical DIY manicure.

Mr. A's view from his work's property. This is living.

Mason basks in his book & the sunshine. He came to visit to celebrate Mr. A's birthday!

Sorry girl, but I'm going to have to take these pumped up kicks from you. Hope you don't mind! 
I want to frame them. They make me smile.

A PJ day must begin at noon, after you pull yourself out of bed, with a wafflenini.

                      If I had a nickel for every time I said, "Gone on ahead, I'll catch up" 
before I quietly had a one on one with plant life...

A pop of pink in Forsyth Park.

As the clock struck midnight, I decided Mr. A should start his birthday with a mini wish (& Reese's). Cake came later. For breakfast. Then dessert. We don't joke about sweets.

Mr. A was happier than a pig in frosting when we hit up our favorite take out place, Zunzi's, in Savannah for his birthday. If you're ever there order a "Godfather with Kielbasa all the way." 

Mr. A flaunting my birthday gift to him.

What's a birthday without sweets & a balloon animal dog? Not a birthday at all, in my opinion.  The dog was one of our creations thanks to this wonderful tutorial.