Jan 13, 2012

Friday Flipbook: Week 18

I thought I'd take a departure from the regular Flipbook of the week's goings-on & show you a collection of things that give me that warm & fuzzy feeling. After all, who can turn their nose up at one?

Puppies! (Day 2 with Rocky)

More warm & fuzzy photos...

Presenting Mr. A with quotes from his favorite movie (Dumb & Dumber) all over his shower.

Playing with our food. (Especially when it involves cake for breakfast.)

Having a beautiful view standing at my mom's kitchen sink.

A cookout with friends & neighbors. (Yes, those are pink. And they're delectable.)

Throwing a surprise party! Then waiting for your dear friend (Anne) to walk into it.

Making Mr. A laugh.

When sports and baking converge. YES! [R.I.P Junior Seau]

Camping indoors. (Complete with archery & s'mores stations.)


Memories with girlfriends.

Watching my mom & boyfriend battle for the horseshoe win.

Setting the table with my great-grandmother Alice's china.

Collecting good fortune.

Love buses. Enough said.