Dec 22, 2011

Winter Welcome

I have lived in nearly all corner regions of the States. 

I've spent countless hours in the spring sunbathing on South Florida's beaches...
been nearly vaporized by the Arizona sun in summertime...
witnessed the spectacle that is autumn in New England...
seen the sunrise first since my mom bought a house in Maine. 

[As far as the Northwest corner, I would adore living on San Juan Island 
just off Washington's coast (they filmed Practical Magic there) 
but I don't think I could even afford a canoe there!] 

But getting back on topic! Seeing as today is the first day of winter, I'd like to share with you what I do & don't miss about winter in Maine.

Don't Miss:
The moment you put on three layers of clothing you have to pee, without fail.
Therefore, it's easier to adapt to going outside in just leggings & a flannel shirt.
-Interestingly enough this manages to trade off the 'pee dance' for the 'keep moving to keep warm' dance.
Somehow you end up having just one half of each set of gloves you own. (I do miss how funny this is.)

Do Miss:
Maine is not frigid in the winter like people think. (My family in Minnesota has it rough.)
Standing underneath the first snowfall of the season never gets old.
Watching Rocky get excited when you shout, "Fresh powder!!" (That pup has a vast vocabulary.)
Seeing Rocky bunny hop all winter long. Take a look for yourself...

It does not look like this in Maine right now. This is from late January.
Miss Most:
Mainers are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. See that pathway in our snow? Various neighbors did that for us (repeatedly, as well as the driveway) just because.