Dec 23, 2011

Friday Flipbook: Week 15

The Seasons Have Turned A Corner

This week in pictures...

Oh my darlin', clementine.

This SNL Weekend Update reunion made our week!

I'm "busy at work", as Mr. A calls it, in the marsh at low tide. 
(We still pinch ourselves that we live in such a beautiful place.)

"Hard to see the forest through the trees."

Am I the only one who searches for the Target ad first thing in every Sunday paper?
I clip coupons & then savor the vibrant Target ad as a treat.

Many a moment in life has been spent licking the beaters.

With Mr. A guidance & my practicing, my Hebrew gets better each night.

Give the dreidel your best spin! There's gelt on the line.

Baking yummy banana chocolate chipped muffins for my doctor's office!

Happy holiday baking this week!
(If you're anything like me, keep the burn ointment nearby & at the ready.)