Nov 16, 2011

Make It Work

In between October & December there lays a month that holds less than obvious decorating options. Poor November inherits October's pumpkins & tries to savor its time to shine while staving off December's encroaching decor. With inspiration from this MMMCrafts post, an autumnal theme is passing through our home.

I know I've mentioned this before but Theodore Roosevelt once said "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." I hear you loud & clear, Teddy! Whoever said I couldn't decorate our house for November without spending a dime didn't know that I had colorful paper & idle hands laying around.

What became of the so called garbage leftover from my arts & craft time? 

Joined with pieces of an empty paper Chevron-patterned tissue box & black scraps from the Halloween bats we made, they became our latest bedroom art installation.

In life, such as with crafts, you just make it work. If you're any fan of Project Runway then your mind just flashed an image of the benevolent Tim Gunn encouraging them to "make it work" (as they sit amidst a pile of shattered plans & disheveled scraps.) This sage advice is the simplest instruction that can salvage your standstill.

Just do. Something. Anything. Who's to say you can't? Surely not Teddy.