Nov 3, 2011

Break The Mold

You know what time it is! It's Five Minute Friday. Five minutes on the clock. 

The Prompt: Relevant

Adapt. Modify oneself to the new situation. This mindset has relevance as Mr. A & I present a united front in dealing with the mountain & the mole hill that is our noisy neighbors.

As individuals we must stretch.

The way in which you stretch...
your toes after they've been trapped in shoes all day
your legs after being crammed in a sardine can masquerading as an airplane
your arms like you've been waiting years for that embrace
your lungs when trying to commit that scent to memory
your heart to encompass every beautiful moment you've been offered
your eyes to see, really see from the other side
your boundaries beyond your initial mold

Take a deep breath in & know that this, whatever this is, will stretch your soul. If not your sanity first! (I'm not telling you this, I'm repeating it to myself like a mantra. Although, yes, it is good advice to commit to your memory.)