Oct 27, 2011

Witch Puddles

As eluded to in the previous Friday Flipbook, I planned on posting this recipe. When I pulled out my orange note card on it, I let out a "Hmmmph?!" Making them feels so natural by now that I forgot we just wing it concerning the ingredients' quantities. Half the fun is realizing you need more chocolate & waiting patiently (with your mouth watering) as you stir it into sublime submission.

If you prefer to have a strict recipe I know you can find several variations of it on the internet. So this post has become less instructional and more inspirational

Baking sheets
Parchment paper
Aluminum foil
2 microwave-safe bowls

Oreos (We use Double Stuffs. How can you turn down double the filling? It's illogical.)
Bugles Chips
"Bakers" White Chocolate Baking Squares
"Bakers" German Chocolate (&/or Semi Sweet) Baking Squares 
Small Pretzel Sticks (Nabbed the pictured pretzel twists & the Bugles at the Dollar Store!)
Flaked Coconut
Yellow Food Coloring

-Color the coconut to your liking with yellow food coloring. Lay on aluminum foil & toast at 350° until browned just a touch. Keep an eye on it though! I've lost many a batch of coconut while drooling over the sight of melting chocolate elsewhere in the kitchen.
-Fill each bowl with respective chocolate & microwave in 20 second intervals, stirring in between, until melted.
-On a parchment covered baking sheet, use a spoon to ladle on the puddle shape. Cover the Oreo in chocolate & place on the melted puddle. Repeat with the Bugle & place atop Oreo. 
-Place a pretzel stick into the white chocolate & sprinkle a cluster of toasted coconut on top.
-Cool puddles in the fridge. Honestly, because this lacks shortening they handle better when they're chilled. We never took issue with this as when we set a plate out, they never lasted long enough for the chocolate to de-chill.

Just go with it on this recipe. Dowse the Oreos in a double layer of chocolate (just because you can), color the white chocolate green for a most wicked witch puddle, award a prize to the ghoulish gobbler who finds the M&M you've hidden in one of the Bugles.

Have fun this Halloween! 
Indulge in the sweet & savor the spooky.
(Oh! And ease your dentist's mind & maybe floss once. Or twice. Couldn't hurt.)