Sep 23, 2011

Friday Flipbook: Week 2

Autumn's Arrival

(I'm thinking of making 'Friday Flipbook' a weekly post. What do you think?)

This week in pictures...

My cup runneth over! I started last weekend by shouting out, "Babe, come look at this!" When the blog receives comments, I light up like a kid on Christmas Eve who caught a peak of Santa. Thank you for each & every comment that you provide for me to savor!

I give you seven deadly yet blissful words:
Caramel Apple Spice With Extra Whipped Cream

I'm eternally amused watching the squirrels bounce about our building.
I like to imagine he's burying a time capsule.

Mr. A & I got lost on purpose one day exploring the nooks & hidden crannies of the island. It was then that we stumbled upon this speed walking black vulture. He had places to go! Or an exercise routine to stick to. No way to know for certain.

After two weeks, the majority of my anniversary flowers took a dirt nap. This one lone ranger stuck it out for days longer up until the moment I took this picture. Then it proceeded to go to sleep.

Remember that scooter collision that happened right after I picked out a heavenly loaf of sammich bread? Behold the football Sunday that awaited us after we fled the scene of the accident. This picture is my Camelot.

Coupled with a recent posting, you're safe in concluding that we can turn anything into Pac Man in our household. Get a load of that slice of speckled rainbows! Am I the only sucker for Confetti Cake?!

Here is Mr. A's photo exhibition!

I was rather enjoying the notes of apple cider on my tongue & the feel of the autumn breeze in my hair. I think he captured the moment quite nicely.

Is this not the most voluminous bunch of grapes?
I felt like a Greek goddess as I ate them off the vine.

This was the best part of my week!
Thanks to my mom's steadfast persistence, my emergency room bill went from $6,000 (an hourly rate of $1,000 during my stay, if you were curious) to $0 because I was misdiagnosed. My mama is my Mr. Miyagi. I have much to learn from her still.

During an afternoon in Savannah, Mr. A & I couldn't leave without grabbing a bite to at our favorite take out joint, Zunzi's. While shoving my face into a gyro (because I have no shame when it comes to delectable food) I noticed this bus passing through the park. Taking this picture is my only reason for putting that gyro down for even a second. I told Mr. A, "I want to drive that bus!"

Bazinga! Tonight marked '0' on our multilayered countdown calendar as The Big Bang Theory returned!!! If you've never watched the show, the cast routinely sits as a group & eats take out. I layered a myriad of roasted vegetables & saffron rice in these take out containers. 
I'm a nerd. This I know.

Here's to a new pair of dark jeans to welcome in the fall!

COZY UP this weekend in your favorite jeans & a comfy sweatshirt.
(Or crank your A/C in order to make that possible if you live in a still sweltering region. Just for fun until it happens for real! It is, after all, the first day of fall!)